Mazda CX-5 VR


Creating a virtual reality scene for a car dealership to allow the sellers to offer a wider range of models and options

Applied technologies:

C ++, UE4, 3D, CAD


HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Rift

Commercial use:

Virtual Reality is of great profit for car retailers, as it allows them to expose cars to customers without having them physically onsite, as well as allowing the client to modify options on the cars at will, and therefore finding the appeal of customizing his future vehicle.

This quick configuration of the car enhances the “immersion” effect. Furthermore, the client can examine every tiny details and volumes of the car’s interior and exterior, customize the body color and the interior materials, use the configuration console to see additional functions, and thus gets a clear idea of how his future car will look in details.

Overall, a potential buyer has the ability to interact independently with the car, select on his own the optimal configuration option. The use of VR technology in this case is primarily intended for the visualization of models that, for X or Y reasons, are not available at the showroom. Even more, the use of virtual reality, makes it possible to hold presentations of an entire range of car models anywhere.