Firefighting simulator VR


Learning how to use a fire extinguisher in conditions reproducing reality as closely as possible.

Applied Technologies:

C ++, UE4, 3D, CAD


HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Rift

Commercial use:

VR fire safety simulators help teach staff members to use the selected fire extinguisher model properly and eliminate quickly the effects of various types of fires. In virtual reality, you can recreate any type of dangerous situation. Our VR system reduces significantly the time and cost of staff safety training and greatly sharpens their reflexes and refines their behavior in the case of a real emergency.

The main advantage of the virtual environment in teh context of staff or student training, you do not need to physically build a specialized site reproducing the dangers of the situation being trained for, in that case simulated fire suppression. There is no need to create, at your expense, a real fire under full control of qualified firefighters.

It is possible to simulate, repeatedly, a fire and conduct training using the Virtual Reality in any office of any building. This flexibility and realism constitutes not only a cheaper, but also a more effective (demonstrably so), way of training your employees.

Technologically speaking, in the development of this project, we used tracking and Leap Motion technologies, which allows the user to use his hands in virtual reality without the need for additional joysticks. With Leap Motion, training becomes much more effective, as it gives you the opportunity to acquire real skill in interacting with a real, physical fire extinguisher during a fire.

Vive Tracker embeds real-world objects into a virtual environment without any additionnal wire. It just has to be appended on a real object that needs to be tracked. Using a number of trackers will allow you to add one or more real life objects to VR.