Our Solutions

Boost VR provides support to agencies and studios in B2B by creating high-quality VR products that solve their customers’ business problems. Nevertheless we also offer expertise B2C in a number of different areas, including, but not exhaustively :  Real estate, Car industry, Railway transport, Aviation industry, Marketing, Medicine, Training, Retail, Professional formation and education, etc. :


Real Estate

We provide a extensive expertise in the application of VR technologies and contents to contractors and real estate agents, allowing them to boost sales, and content their customers. We reproduce the volume and characteristics of your product with the highest quality and fidelity of textures and environments. We can add many pieces of interactive furnitures, modelled with scrupulous details, and and other interactive and modifiable elements into the design.


Education and Simulators

Here, at Boost-VR, we are strongly believing in the future of VR in the formation of skilled workers, technicians, medical professionals, students, in the learning process of safety procedures by staff members. Not only does it provide employers, managers and supervisors to costcut expenses dedicated to the standardisation of skills, it also demonstrably enhances the efficiency of any such program.


Products and Services Presentations

We are determined to help you improve how your customers are exposed to the services and goods you can offer them, and do them justice. We can offer VR content and services expertise in many sectors, from virtual car dealership or furnitures storehouses to retail, interior design, or tourism. We will help you stimulate sales and orders through giving your products an edge and your salesmen an effective, demonstrably effective tools.


VR Configurator

Not only can we create the VR environments and models for you, we can also incorporate individualised ways for these to be modified and tinkered around by the users, through consoles within the VR realm or through hand gestures towards interactive objects. The same way the surroundings are personnalised to your likings and goals, those extra elements will be individualised to your needs.