Our Services

We offer the complete range of services in the creation of VR content to our clients. We can either assist during a precise phase of the development of your project, or take care of the entire process according to your desires and requirements. Our workflow goes this way:


We help you find what you want from VR, what gains can you get from it and what type of clientele are you targetting. We need to understand, with you, what sort of product and technology you wish to use, choosing between more quality or more portability, based on your needs and particular context. Based on this cooperation, we build a scenario together, allowing us to create the adequate VR contents.

3D modelling

According to the scenario we agreed upon with you, we modelize in 3D the elements and environment of the aforementioned scenario, based on the technical equipment we picked with you. The models created are always conceived with the highest quality in mind, and we optimize our models based on the technical specifications of the equipment.

VR Development

We then start developing the VR animation under either Unity or Unreal engines, carefully incorporating the environment and models afore created within the scenario. The VR experience you imagined therefore takes shape. You are then able to test the prototype, and ask us to tweak around to obtain you desired experience. As for the 3D elements, we conceive the VR world in the best possible resolution, and adapt it to your preferred type of equipment.

VR Visualisation

According to the equipment you wish to install (Oculus Go, HTC Vive Pro, etc.), we then adapt the whole scenario and textures to that type of equipment. You have different choices for different goals, experiences and depth of immersions. In a nutshell, we refine the design according to your choices between higher portability and higher texture quality, different degrees of interactivity and immersion . At BOOST-VR we adapt our workflow and our development to your needs and your vision.

Implementation, Installation and Assistance

We not only implement the VR contents we created, and physically install the technology you decided on. We also provide all assistance required during the time of usage. We assist you technologically and in terms of software usage. We provide the necessary troubleshooting support. You will be able to rely on us during the entire phase of the VR usage. We will follow up and accompany at every stage of your projects.