B2B offer

Here at BOOST-VR, we also like to lend a hand or simply to offer additional and complementary expertise to our fellow entities specialized in immersive and innovative technologies, as well as providing companies non-specialized in VR some contents to integrate into their in-house trainings or marketing. We offer quality production at a very sensible price. Our contribution to your business could be throughout an entire VR/XR, 3D, 360° project, hence taking care of the entire workflow, from the genesis of the scenario to the in situ implementation of the VR technology, completing every step of development ourselves in concertation with you. We can also relieve your company of a defined share of a project, allowing you to focus more on some other parts of that project. We also can provide generalistic businesses with a full-package of a VR/XR experience and all-round support, from the genesis of an idea to running the simulation with technicians in situ.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any idea for a potential collaboration.