Aircraft Cabin VR


Creation of VR simulators for the specialized operational training.

Applied Technologies:

C ++, UE4, 3D, CAD


HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Rift

Commercial use:

Virtual reality technology provides a complete immersion for the user and allows them to interact with the equipment even prior to having the skills to complete the tasks they are being trained for. This contributes to fast, safe and efficient learning and training of beginners, as well as the continuous training of long-time specialist technicians and engineers. Our VR systems dramatically reduce the operating and administrative costs of maintaining and upgrading the knowledge and skills of employees or even soldiers. VR simulators offer the opportunity to train and improve skills in a cheaper and safer way, accelerating and intensifying training. With virtual reality, you will have the opportunity to gain experience by minimizing the consequences of possible mistakes.

Not only is VR training more efficient, it is also more affordable than standard simulators. The possibility of rapidly increasing the number of places in a training course, as well as the possibility of modelling various abnormal situations, so as to test the reaction capabilities of apprentices, make VR the cheapest, most efficient and most reliable choice.

At the military level, it is possible to recreate combat situations, as well as to add stressful contexts. Create and model different situations, predict and analyze results, develop individual regulations for each specialist and their variants – all this is possible with the help of virtual reality.

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