Мы предлагаем полный спектр услуг по созданию VR-контента для наших клиентов. Boost VR состоит из различных специалистов, что позволяет нам выполнять весь цикл создания VR-проекта внутри команды. Также мы можем предоставить поддержку на любом этапе реализации проекта. Наш рабочий процесс состоит из таких этапов:

Создание концепции

We will help you find what you want from VR, what gains can you get from it and what type of clientele are you targetting. We will need to understand with you, what sort of product and technology you wish to use, more quality or more portability, based on your needs and particular context. Based on this cooperation, we will build a scenario together, for us to create the adequate VR contents.

3D modelling

According to the scenario we agreed upon with you, we modelize in 3D the elements and environment of the aforementioned scenario, based on the equipment that was picked.


VR Development

We will then start developing the animation VR under Unity or Unreal engines, incorporating the environment and models afore created in the scenario. The VR experience you imagined will then take shape.

VR Visualisation

According to the equipment you wish to install (Oculus Go, HTC Vive Pro, etc.), we will then adapt the scenario to that type of equipment, refining the design according to the choice of portability and texture quality you made. At BOOST-VR we adapt our workflow to you.

Implementation, Installation et Assistance

Not only will we implement the VR contents created and install the technology you decided on where you wish us to, we will furthermore provide all assistance required, technologically and in terms of software use. You will be able to rely on us during the entire phase of the VR usage.