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Expertise : Created in 2017, BoostVR is a team of highly qualified specialists from different areas, such as programming (web/mobile), 3D graphics and animation, marketing and business, engineering and technology. All of us are united by one thing : the VR industry and its applications, present and potential in various business endeavors!  We have been developing VR products, testing their applications and introducing into such areas as Marketing for Real Estate, VR Car Showrooms, Exhibition VR-stands and presentations, VR-Training, VR-Simulators of dangerous situations, so on and so forth.

Quality : Our 3D designers are putting tremendous efforts and talents into producing the highest quality rendering models to satisfy our customers. Our Unity/Unreal Engine programmers are integrating carefully and accurately the 3D models into this environment, such that it generates a convincing, striking and effective tool for businesses. The “Wow effect” from our products can be used in Marketing and in Training. For example, in skills training, the learning curve is much faster when using VR as part of the educative strategy, while making it more pleasant and engaging. With the help of VR you can visualize any situation (even the most dangerous) in the safety of a warm room, and so more than once, and still get the feeling of a real danger!

Engagement and Immersion : VR is now well-established in significantly improving learning experiences and for stimulating sales, by increasing the connection, the engagement and immersion for the learner or the customer.

Accessibility : Our goal is to create simple to understand and use VR solutions that either show the benefits of your product to your customers and clients in an outstanding manner, or will help quickly and effectively train your employees. Developing breathtaking scenes and entire worlds in virtual reality, using the most advanced devices such as the HTC VIVE PRO or the Oculus Rift, we will help you all the way, and we strive to create the perfect visualization for your project!



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